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Over the years people have come to rely heavily on emails.  Today people want to know that when they send an email that it has arrived at its destination within minutes if not seconds.  Likewise they want to know if an email hasn't actually been received.  Unfortunately not everyone can boast of such a fast and responsive email system.  At SNMail we are proud to inform you that our email system recognises these issues and ensure that emails are delivered directly to the recipient in the shortest time period possible.  Additionally it informs you within seconds about incorrect email addresses, minutes about recipient server problems.
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Spam Filtration
Virus Filtration
POP3 Access
IMAP4 Access
Web Mail Access
Many people find the flexibility of a web mail account, such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, convenient.  Whilst others prefer the easy steadfast access of email based on a PC, and its quick download times.  At SNMail we recognise this and offer both facilities available in separate or in the same account.

Along side the requirements for speed and flexibility users today expect and assume that email systems are also secure.  We ensure that all email boxes are encrypted, our web mail facilities use 128-Bit security and our servers regularly inspected and upgraded to ensure full security at all times.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Filtration
As is reported regularly in the media, people are becoming increasing infuriated and frustrated with inboxes full of spam messages and viruses.  We have been given reports from people having 300+ such messages in less than 12 hours.  However these are extreme cases with the average email user getting 100 spam messages per day.  SNMail recognised the increase in spam messages and have been running a spam and virus filtration system since June 2002.  Click Here to discover how our Spam and Virus Filter currently works.

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