POP3 Email Access

All SNMail email boxes provide POP3, IMAP4 and Web Mail access.  We believe this allows us to provide a comprehensive all round service meeting our clients requirements.  If you require any service not provided by these protocols please email mailhost@snmail.co.uk and we will endeavour to provide the service required.

What is POP3? - Post Office Protocol, version 3
POP3 has become the most common email client connection protocol.  It enables any email program anywhere on the Internet to connect to any email server to perform the usual email functions, such as reading and sending, as long as they have a valid account and password.  POP3 is an open Internet standard however was not intended to provide extensive manipulation operations of mail on the server; normally, mail is downloaded and then deleted. Outlook and Outlook Express however do allow users to store emails on the server for specific periods.



For a more advanced (and complex) protocol, IMAP4 provides the solution. Click Here for more details of our IMAP4 service .  POP3 deals with the receiving of e-mail from your local server and should not to be confused with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), a protocol for transferring e-mail between points on the Internet. You send e-mail with SMTP and a mail handler receives it on your recipient's behalf. Then the mail is read using POP or IMAP.

Software Supporting POP3
Many programmes support the POP3 protocol, with the most popular ones being Outlook and Outlook Express.  We provide full details of how to setup these programmes.  Other software may be used however we may lack detailed installation procedures and therefore will require the user to have a working knowledge of their software.


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