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spam killer


Annoyed with Spam?  So are we!  As a tier two ISP we believe that it is not fully the responsibility of end users to deal with spam.  We also recognise that there are few if any effective and accurate solutions available.  That is why we have established SNMail with an intelligent spam guard system.  Our system has been carefully designed and trained over the past year to understand the many principles governing spam detection, which has reduced our clients spam by 98-100%.

What is Spam?
The term 'spam' as applied to email has come to mean:

  1. Email which has not been explicitly requested by the recipient
  2. Is not specifically directed to the person (or rôle) behind the address, but to a 'target' (i.e. the sender cannot provide a valid reason, acceptable to an independent party, as to why that email was sent to that particular person)
  3. (as a consequence of 2) may be sent in bulk, i.e. to more than one recipient.
How our Spam Killer Works
All incoming email messages are checked for being spam through a four tier filtering system.  These tiers include checks on whether the email is addressed properly to one of our clients, that the subject title obeys a series of rules carefully designed to eliminate both adult and business related spam.  The emails are also checked against our regular offenders database which is regularly updated and maintained.

On Going Measures
The Spam Killer is extremely effective, however spam alters with time to avoid being caught by spam filters therefore it is an ongoing campaign.  We encourage all clients to forward any spam, as an attachment, to where we will take appropriate measures.  These measures include updating our regular offenders database and other parameters that allow our system to be effective.  Measurers may also include contacting ISP's of offending spammers requesting for their facilities to be removed.  Most ISP's behave responsibly and subsequently remove users who spam.

Please note that the addresses listed on the email as the sender are rarely accurate and would discourage people from tackling these types of problems themselves. Experience has shown that end users who do attempt to tackle spammers normally increases the quantity of spam received.

Additional Spam Guard Measures
At SNMail we are dedicated to the combat against spam.  Our sign up procedure is such as to allow us to confirm the identity of our users and ensure that our clients behave responsibly.  We therefore will remove any user caught sending spam.

Please note:
The Spam Filter does not work with email messages forwarded by another email account held by the individual. For example many alternative email providers offer forwarding services where an individual can send automatically forward email from one provider to another account. Given that many of the spam defences work via identifying the details of the sender, or lack of, this renders many of the spam functions ineffective. SNMail staff strongly urge its customers to refrain from forwarding mail from other accounts to SNMail.

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