Commendations from Clients

David, Greater London
"the great thing about SNMail is that I retain the same email address even though I have changed servers but without the spam and the other rubbish. The children all have SNMail email addresses too and we can log on from any computer in the world as well as through our own PCs or in my case a MAC. I havenít received even one distasteful email since being on SNMail"

Brian, Surrey
"Still not a single spam after so many months. MANY thanks."

Jez, West Sussex
"It's a great facility, and gives me a flexibility I have lacked previously, and am now very glad to have.  It's nice and simple, and sufficiently obvious to make life easy even for those a little more wary of electronica."

Allen, Scotland
SNMail provide a very personal service, catering for individual needs with integrity. I warmly commend them to others.

Myles, Herts.
"Having been an SNMail customer since the early years, I can say with confidence that throughout the company's growth they have continued to put their customer's needs first, in all aspects, quality, reliability, protection (I still don't get SPAM)), whilst constantly improving the service with new features, and benefits."

Andrew, Birmingham
"First impression of your service is very impressive"

Ian, Reading
"I am very happy with your professionalism to date and I look forward to our developing relations"


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