This section has been created as a self help tool for clients to understand how the email system works, get the most out of it, as well as sort out problems which occur on their own computers.  As always

Outlook Web Access (Web Mail) - How to
This section provides details on how to use the web mail facilities and how to gain the most out of it.

Delivery Failures
When an email is sent it does not always get to the person you sent it to and so you get a delivery failure notice.  This section provides details on common non-delivery reports users may receive, what they mean and what action should be taken.

Software Errors
Many users use programs such as Outlook and Outlook Express, unfortunately those programs do not explain the errors they provide nor how to solve them.  This section is dedicated to providing explanations for software errors in sending and receiving emails, and provides methods of how to locate and solve the related problems.

Further Support
This section provides details of how to obtain further support for your email service and computer.


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