Outlook Web Access

Standard Account - Premium Toolbar Icons

The New Button image, button allows you to write a new email, add a new contact, post a new message to your email account and create a sub-folder under any of the left-hand main menu.

Starting from Left – The first option Button image allows you to move you emails from specific locations to a more desirable folder of your choice. The Second option Delete allows you to delete unwanted mail at your convenience, however, this is not totally removed from your account but moved to the “Deleted Items” Folder which would then to deleted off your account as soon as you log off and log back on. Third option allow you to reply back to individual emails received, whiles the forth option allows you to reply to all emails in your inbox. The fifth option Button image allows you to forward any email received to others.

Messages can be previewed initially without opening them through the Preview Pane Reading Pane. Attachments can be opened using the preview pane. You can choose to preview your messages either to the right hand of the screen, beneath the messages or you can have the preview column switched off. The next tool Check for New Messages allows you to check to see if you have any new message that you have not yet seen or read. The third tool Search allows you to search for messages that you have not been able to locate manually using Keyword phrases. The forth tool Button image allows you to search for known contacts in your address book.


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