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Annoyed with Spam?  So are we!  As a tier two ISP we believe that it is not fully the responsibility of end users to deal with spam.  We also recognise that there are few if any effective and accurate solutions available.  That is why we have established SNMail with an intelligent spam guard system.  Our system has been carefully designed and trained over the past year to understand the many principles governing spam detection, which has reduced our clients spam by 98-100%.

What is Spam?
The term 'SPAM' (Sending and Posting Advertising in Mass) as applied to email has come to mean:

1)  Email which has not been explicitly requested by the recipient


2)  Is not specifically directed to the person (or rôle) behind the address, but to a 'target' (i.e. the sender cannot provide a valid reason, acceptable to an independent party, as to why that email was sent to that particular person)


3)  (as a consequence of 2) may be sent in bulk, i.e. to more than one recipient.

How our Spam Filter Works (brief)
All incoming email messages are checked for being spam through a four tier filtering system.  These tiers include checks on whether the email is addressed properly to one of our clients, that the subject title obeys a series of rules carefully designed to eliminate both adult and business related spam.  The emails are also checked against our regular offenders database which is regularly updated and maintained.


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